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We are Local Tour Operator based in Labuan Bajo and do specialist in Komodo Tour, Komodo Diving and Flores Island Tour! It is a honour to welcome you and share complete information about  Komodo Tour from Bali or lombok or Labuan Bajo, Car & Boat Rental in Flores and hotel booking in Flores island; an unexplore and untouristic destination! Here, we would like to give you best tour program, best tariff, local friendly staffs, and fantastic service and ready to work as local partner. We speak Germany, English, and Indonesia. About payment, you only pay 30% in advance as down payment and the balance will pay when You meet our staff guide at hotel or Komodo airport. Email us: or Call/WA Center: +6285-337-173-411. Terima kasih!



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(The New Social Program, 2014)


Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) province is one of the 34 provinces in Indonesia. The province is composed of many islands and 18 districts/cities. NTT province has always occupied the lowest position in the statistics, especially in economics and education so that requires the participation of all parties concerned and committed to work together to build the province, especially You. We called because of the appalling conditions, starting January 1, 2014; Fantastico Tour has its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR is a form of (real) concern and our commitment to the social conditions that require the participation and cooperation of all parties. We are aware; this CSR doesn’t mean anything but at least we took the initiative to provide “added value” and something different from the others (competitors). As economic actors, we have a social responsibility to empower the weak physically and economically so we need your help. Our CSR program is only focused on high school students (Education) and Orphanage. The CSR will be given directly to students (not schools) except Orphanage given to their principle.

CSR Program funding comes from you as our clients who have a strong commitment to helping children junior high or high school as well as those who are quite weak physically and economically. We have strong commitment to continue and proceed your strong commitment directly to these students to continue their education and to the orphanage.


Why only two fields only?

Indonesia's education system that is economically discriminatory knocked our hearts to take part to help kids who are academically capable but not economically disadvantaged. Because, most major constraint is the cost of education is very expensive.

Why just begin now?

Our company established since 2009. Slowly but surely, (of course, with the support of all parties) our company is growing and since 2013, the government issued an official permit (license). With the kind permission, we are trying to make a “breakthrough” with a new creative program as our CSR in the end of 2013!

How does this system work? And how do you check our honesty?

There are two ways how  to get to the target:

1. Once you make a payment, we give you an envelope containing a sum of 5 % of the total transaction. After that, you take the envelope when the trip takes place. When they wanted to check out of the hotel, you and our guide go to the schools and orphanages and you give directly. You are also allowed to talk (to motivate) and photographed together. Then you can continue to communicate with them. Please leave comments and send photos to us via email:

2. Your 5% (as CSR), you entrust to us. We couldn’t and didn’t want to take your 5% (money) because it is not our right. There are many schools and several orphanages in the countryside and very difficult to reach them (for you) and of course, they need financial assistance. Once in 6 months, we will give your 5% to them. All the phone numbers, email and addresses and photos will be sent to you. If you have a photo and your name and address, we’ll give it to them so that you can check immediately. Specifically for school children, we were looking for excellent students so that you can be a relative or a foster parent for them.

Thank you and best regards!!

God bless you!